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About Us

AM Craft is more than just a name. 

A few years ago a mutual friend of ours packed up his comfortable and secure life to move 1,200 miles away with plans to start an entirely new career, in an entirely different industry. He took his life savings, and with a partner, opened a small batch craft distillery. When we heard of his plans, our thoughts were cautiously reserved and optimistic - this was a big life-changing move. However as his endeavor started to come together, his excitement and passion were very contagious and he asked us to be a part of it by helping to bring his products to the Midwest. A this point, as best friends who've worked together for decades, what could we do but "sure". We had the same appreciation for premium craft distilled spirits, really liked our friend's products, and found that there were a lot of similarities with what we were currently doing and the craft distilled business; so we started AM Craft Spirits Sales & Marketing to bring this excitement and passion for micro-craft distilled spirits to the Midwest. 

Meet Mark & Allan. The faces behind AM Craft

 Mark Moland

We all work hard in life, we try to stay fit and healthy, we try to excel at our work and we hope for the best for our kids and family. My passion is finding and getting the best life has to offer. A the end of my week, when I sit down with my family or friends, I want to make sure we can reflect back and say we embraced everything the week had to offer. Finding and enjoying some of the best craft spirits, mixers, syrups, shrubs & bitters in the nation is one way to honor that effort. Being able to introduce these products to our friends and neighbors makes Monday my favorite day of the week.

Allan Mihalcin

This business is fun; it combines the artistry and creative beauty of combining simple ingredients, time patience, and passion and produces something that is refined and magical. Pleasure comes from enjoying all the steps along the way; it's the journey. Being able to share the stories and love of the dream is what makes things fun. 


Craft means quality

"craft distilled" describes a unique, drinkable liquid that is produces by means of distilling grains, fruits or vegetables in small batches. That definition, while informative doesn't give any justice to the quality, refinement, and creativity that goes into a micro-craft spirit or liquor. Across America, there are over 160 craft distillers passionate about creating high quality spirits that are complex and gourmet; one small batch at a time. The Master Distiller generally evoke the assertive qualities of their respective liquor. The most common distilled spirits are vodkas, gins, and rums however more and more whiskies, brandies, tequilas, aquavits, eaus de vies, grappas, and liqueurs are being distilled as well. It is the personal care, attention for detail, and eye for homemade quality that distinguishes craft distillers from the large international producers of spirits.


The Discussion

Before we decide to represent and market a new distillery, we sit down and discuss with each other, their company, their goals and their passions. 

The Story

We take the time to find out the story behind each product, why they make a particular spirit, and what they feel makes their product better than all the others.

The Reputations

We gain an external perspective about the distillery by talking to others in the industry. Reputation is of central importance with artisan products. 

We only represent the best.

so each of the products we offer are individually graded to ensure they're up to snuff. Here are the 5 key things we look for when deciding to offer a product.

How does it taste?

We look for a unique flavor characteristics - Not just any old vodka, gin or whiskey. We choose the standouts, the award winners. 

How does it look?

We believe packaging and overall aesthetics of the product is important. So we take everything from design of the bottle label to the quality of glass into consideration. We look for products that are creative. eye catching and distinctive. 

Where does it come from?

We look for smaller distilleries that are environmentally conscience and sourcing their ingredients and labor locally. We are also conscious of  where the distillery is located because freight is a factor. 

What is it made from?

We believe the best artisan spirits are made with the highest quality, natural ingredients; thus we look for brands that use premium, organic, sustainably produced ingredients. We try to find products made with the purest, highest quality, filtered water. To appeal to the growing locavore trend, we also seek craft distillers that locally source their ingredients - supporting local business and offering the "from the farm to the bottle" benefits. Uniqueness of the ingredients is another aspect we consider - elements that intrigue and tantalize.

How is it made?

In the nature of a craft distilled spirit we appreciate a distillery's enthusiasm for the craftsmanship and passion in the production. We look for brands that concentrate on the art of distilling and the homemade quality of creating one small batch at a time. We look at the type of batch consistency. We want to ensure the distilleries we represent are not only the best, but are the best on every batch. For us, it's all about taking the time to find out what these brilliant distillers are doing to establish their unparalleled spirits above all the rest.